Move onwards and upwards by uniting with the
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Who We Are

We are kiintsugii, a virtual space where you can display your scars, let loose, and be yourself, surrounded by people who have seen and been through it all.

A believer of kintsugi, the Japanese art of golden joinery, our way of mending life’s adversities is by adding the lacquer of information, direction, and optimism into the situation at hand. Laser-focused on the grim realities of life like unemployment, we provide the resources and services needed to pave your exit from life’s many hurdles and succeed.

From Our Founder

When life gets us down and adversity hits us, where do we turn?
We want people to turn to the community – that is, turn to kiintsugii, a dedicated venture based on spreading help, positivity, and guidance.

While the idea may seem too out there, we are willing to take the risk, because we believe we must join, and rise as a force, to become a community of change.

New beginnings may seem frightening, but they can be worth it – once the leap is taken.

Our Brand Story

Have you wondered about the always present gold elements across kiintsugii? Are you curious about this mysterious word with two sets of double “i’s”?

Learn about the Japanese art of kintsugi, our inspiration to get this community kickstarted. Have a glimpse about how this traditional art form inspired a movement to shape life’s for the better.

At kiintsugii, we aim towards using kintsugi as a way of living a better life.

Benefits of Using kiintsugii

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Articles & Resources

Find an array of helpful resources at the click of a button.

From content to articles, podcasts, and more; access, read, and listen to tailor-made, dedicated content, that can help you turn your life around.

Find the holistic support you need, when you need it.

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Services Marketplace

Trust people with experience and expertise to help you get through difficult times.

Seek guidance among kiintsugii experts, professionals, and specialists in areas of mental health and personal development. Breakthrough the barriers bogging you down and become the best version of yourself.

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Community Space

In our active community of individuals, guides, and helpers, find a fortified tribe that stands together and empowers each other to navigate through life’s difficulties.

At kiintsugii, share experiences, seek help from providers, and become a part of a trusted community that strives to stand as pillars of strength.


Help us become a stronger force of good. Your support means the world to us, and those that will come after, in search of guidance and help.

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