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There is nothing more important about an organization than why it exists and what problem it solves. The movement to form kiintsugii started as a why more than as a what.

kiintsugii promises to be the solution to a largely unaddressed problem – where and who do we turn to when an unusual albeit highly emotional life event hits us?

Is there a resource center where we can get all the essential tools and strategies that we need to heal and grow? Is there a community where we can just be ourselves without being judged and engage with people who can help us emerge stronger from a crisis?

Our intention is to address a large list of life adversities, one at a time. For each of the adversities, we will create a help center, consisting of tailor-made materials such as dedicated content, resources, and guides. In parallel to that, we will foster and nurture a community of both professionals and global citizens that will provide a wide set of services to those in need.

Doing a venture as broad as this one might sound foolish at first, too ambitious, or simply impossible to pull off in a sustainable way. Time will tell if it might just be like that; however, it is often true that the risks we do not take are more dangerous than the risks we do take.

Our audacious adventure is getting started after the impactful COVID-19, which will be remembered for years to come as the global pandemic that destroyed communities, families and further accelerated inequality. The destruction of full-time jobs has been unprecedented, with a vast number of countries reporting record levels of unemployment submissions. On top of that, there are other trends that were already in motion, from automation to disruption in supply chains that will accelerate the frequency of disruption to our careers.

For people who live “hand to mouth”, the sudden loss of employment is nothing short of an existential crisis and a threat to their way of living, health, and family. Even for those that can support themselves financially, at least for a short period of time, it is still an emotional roller coaster that can leave ever-lasting negative effects if not overcome successfully. While the sudden loss of employment might not be the most impactful social problem out there; the impact it can have in our lives combined with the accelerated reach and repetition we are due to experience in the coming years, make this our main focus problem to build our meaningful platform.

Putting community at the heart of our solution seems like the best way to start figuring out a way to create an ecosystem that could later be used for other adversities. 

There is a little bit of magic in all beginnings. Let us put that magic to create an unprecedented force for good. Let’s be bold and take risks – together.

Welcome to kiintsugii! Alfonso

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