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I’m Alfonso, founder of kiintsugii.

Welcome to my Career Advice | Mentorship gig!  Often in my career, I have provided structured career and mentorship advice to fellow coworkers, this is something that I highly enjoy doing. While my area of expertise is within growth/sales/revenue-generating departments, I would not shy away from other areas of expertise unless you have highly technical concerns.

If you want to discuss your career or  improve areas such as

  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-development
  • Storytelling
  • Leadership
  • Develop talent

Let’s talk!

All proceedings from this gig will be donated to help the mission of uniting people recovering from life’s setbacks with those that will lift them up.


If you need a professional and certified mental health professional, please note that I can’t provide that, and you are encouraged to seek the proper help.

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Description A 30 minute one on one conversation Three separate 30 minutes conversations to dig deep into career, coaching, and mentorship Full-on mentorship program. Eight 30 minutes sessions!
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08, Jun 2021
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For most of my career, I have focused on helping enterprises running smooth revenue operations, leading large teams across the globe with a strong focus on pricing, forecasting, analytics, and sales deployment. I decided to create kiintsugii to help those in need, especially those suffering from unemployment.
The Quick Job
A 30 minute one on one conversation
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