Career and transition coach for new graduates and senior managers. INSEAD MBA | Certified Professional Coach at International Coach Academy of Melbourne | ACC

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Covid-19; a promotion to a higher position we have been working hard to get to for years, ends up being very stressful or at least not as cool as we thought; what we are left with, is not only a sense of disappointment but we also start questioning ourselves on our capability to carry on that very job or any job at all; then we get
stressed, tired, we make errors, we get more stressed and work harder and get more tired and totally got lost about what to do.

The good news is that we have the capabilities to perform that job: let’s at least trust those who promoted us to that job!

Coaching can spotlight those capabilities and tools we have never thought we had or somehow lost.

It could be that we really do not like that job or we want to change career and coaching can support in assessing what to do next and how to do it.

I have been there many times, I felt constrained in a Project Management Role for a multi-billion project that led me to learn a lot of things, make decent money and live an adventurous life; so I decided that the money could be spent on one of the most prestigious MBA in the World at INSEAD – “for sure I’ll understand what my career will be and I’ll have access to it” – and indeed career as a single straight line is what the applicants are required to draw for themselves in the application essays, and after graduation, I had the theoretical access to the entire world instead I went back home.

Truth is – many studies now confirm – that a career, for those who are blessed to have one, is not a one-off choice that we make when we apply for the first job, it’s rather a constant self-questioning, or more likely as I was doing, self-sabotaging.

“Tell me what you want to do otherwise how can I help you and connect you with right people” how many times have been asked by the – rare – straightforward person we have approached for networking our way to a job? It happened to me tens of times and at first, I would be angry with the person I had approached for insight, then would go home with a sense of inadequacy “I will never find my passion”.


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Have you been promoted to a more senior role you don't feel confident you can perform? Are changes in your organization or your colleagues more and more annoying? Would you like to start your own business but not sure if you have what it takes? Are you working way many more hours than you feel is necessary? I'm here for you! An Executive and business coach that can support his clients to step up their game both in life and professionally well beyond what they believe is possible. Entrepreneur

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