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Hello There!

I’m Sameer, a writer, traveller and photographer by passion and profession.

I have been freelancing for over 3 years, and part of my work includes assisting people in improving their job applications.

Welcome to my Resume & Cover Letter Building gig, where I provide my services of optimizing your existing CV or write a new one that immaculately reflects your professional persona. I rejoice in working on this and strive to achieve excellent skill communication taking you one step ahead in the application process.

I will also help improve your LinkedIn profile – which acts as an indicator of experience and speaks of your work ethic.

As I enjoy developing stories, I will craft an amazing cover letter for you amassing your talent, attitude, and work-life journey.

So, Let’s Talk!

Hello Rookie! Hello Median! Hello Executive!
Description This package include a basic level resume for freshers, intern. The Resume will be precise and to the point. This package focuses on Mid-level employees and seniors with a minimum work experience of 3 years. I will polish your resume and provide informative elaboration regarding your experience. This package is exclusive to higher level workforce. I will develop an exceptional resume that bundles your experiences, skills and talents with international standards.
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12, Jul 2021
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Hello There! I am Sameer a writer, photographer and traveler by heart. I am in love with the craft of writing and bent on creating engaging stories that captivate minds and hearts. As a passionate traveler, I intend to encase my experiences within words and I will do the same for you. I have been freelancing in this art for over 3 years and have covered various topics ranging from technical, business content to travel & lifestyle magazines. I can help you with building you resume & cover letters
Hello Rookie!
This package include a basic level resume for freshers, intern. The Resume will be precise and to the point.
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