Join us, unleash your uniqueness, and be a force for good

Life at kiintsugii

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While the spread of talent is evenly distributed across the globe, opportunities are not. The birth lottery plays an oversized impact in people’s lives, both for the most fortunate and for the ones on the other side, fostering inequality. For that reason, kiintsugii was born as a remote native community, allowing our diverse team to be free of passport limitations and to work in the places that suit them best.

We are not looking for culture fits. We crave culture adds. We actively recruit people different from our current employees – culturally, ethically, in age and lifestyles.

Embrace your uniqueness at kiintsugii and add new perspectives to our company.

Our values

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Small mighty teams simply get sh1t done, that is a fact. We operate with fully autonomous teams formed by a small count of talented individuals with a high count of responsibility. Our distinct team members follow their own hearts. They also follow these six guiding principles which drive our decisions:

Who We Are Looking For

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As a community battling life’s setbacks such as unemployment and its impact upon individuals, we need as much help as we can get.

Like any respectable company, we would evaluate you based solely on your experience; a PHD from an IVY league college is a minimum requirement, so is having several Olympic medals, being an acclaimed ninja of some tech system, having founded a company with capital from a member of the PayPal mafia, and, ohh yes, people without proof of landing a rocket on Mars need not apply.

We are sure you get the point by now. We are humble, we are real, and no, we do not have any of the prior eligibility criteria, neither do we require them for recruitment. We welcome your unique experiences and the real you.

Some of the traits we like to see in our team members:


You “Figure It Out”. Learning is who you are


Solid moral compass


Brave 9 to 5 and beyond

Kind Heart

Compassion for all

Team-first Attitude

Community spirited


Solar powered grit

Careers at kiintsugii

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Tell us about your past experiences and if you have done something amazing, shout it from the rooftops! If you don’t have experience but have tons(!) of ideas to help us take our mission forth, we can become a force of good – together.

If you like what you have read so far, if you would love to hear more from us, if you saw a role that you like posted or if you made up your own job description and would like to pitch it to us– we got a song for you:

“Hey, we just met you, and this is crazy
But here is our e-mail, so write to us, maybe”